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Most wireless communications that you can find today are of single hop. Likewise cellular phone connects directly to a cellular base station; computer or smart phone connects directly a wireless router (or access point in WLAN terminology). So why do we need any multihop wireless?

A less often discussed triangle about wireless communications is of: Bandwidth, Range, Power. People wants high bandwidth (yes definitely), low power (for battery and low radiation etc.), so it has to get to smaller range; and that is the “physical law” about it. Yes, wireless or mobile communication can be as fast as fiber in smaller range (e.g., <10 meters). Short range radio is just the only cure to the wireless bandwidth thirsty in telecom.

Multihop wireless communication is a natural way to extend the “range/coverage” of any short range radio, where any signal or data packets can be relayed from terminals or stations within the base-station coverage, to a much larger network coverage. However, traditional multihop wireless networking suffers from bottlenecks along routing paths, as introduced by interferences and congestion, which are just well resolved by OPM. The OPM wireless networking simply extends the coverage of short range radio while preserving the wireless bandwidth in real-time.

Comparison of Path Selection in Multihop Wireless

For example, in some indoor location/tracking networks that we have deployed, the terminals (location cards) and stations (location stations) form a dynamic multihop wireless network that doesn’t need any cabling in complex environment. They are all tethered together by pure wireless: it is a seamless wireless network of low power, high bandwidth, and ubiquitous coverage. So with the OPM radios, the future of wireless communication will not just be the last hop, but the last a number of hops. And that is turning out to be a liberation in telecom and wireless Internet!


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