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Want to power your network with batteries? Radio usually takes a lot of power when it is transmitting and receiving, but a lot less power when it is sleeping. The on/off control is called duty cycle in radio terminology. In the world of low power wireless, active power consumption is usually somewhere around 100mW, depending on rate and range configurations; and sleeping power consumption is usually at uW level.

So you have heard stories of multi-year battery life? It can be true only if you have a perfect duty-cycle scheme for the radio so that it can sleep most of the time. Otherwise, your system must have a bulky bulky and expensive expensive battery……

Good duty-cycle schemes have been difficult to design to meet applications, since you would have to consider when and how much network traffic will the system generate. And every relay radio on routing path has to be awake. When the radio is sleeping, it doesn’t hear anything or send anything.

OPM technology has made this super easy: simply because our network is so dynamic that any single node sleeping will not create any bottleneck to the system as a whole. For example, the OPM15 radio can reach 1% duty cycle, at a small sacrifice of initial delay (2 sec) when system has traffic to send. Yes, that is: you can increase the battery life by up to 100 times!

In addition, considering an OPM radio can have 10 times higher application bandwidth than a traditional Zigbee or WiFi radio. The same amount of data requires 10 times less radio transmission (on) time, so more time can be spent in sleeping.

So contact us if you are having difficulty in reducing the power of your network application; and feel the next-generation power…!

from OMESH Engineers


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