Our networks are out of the box, the fastest deployable in industry, offering the most reliable and cost-effective bandwidth, feature-loaded for green (power efficient) communications and high mobility. Applications are versatile in new networks, including: location/tracking networks, real-time sensor networks, smart vehicular networks, smart healthcare, smart agriculture, industrial controlling, broadband access and mobile social networking, surveillance, smart utilities, and emergency networks.
Real Time Localization / Tracking
Applicable Areas
The most popular solution for localization and tracking is GPS (Global Position System), or products based on GPS; other solutions also include CellID. However, in many indoor and specialized environments, such as mining tunnels, underground pipes, concrete buildings, both GPS and CellID cannot work.
Smart Energy Management
Applicable Areas
Legacy energy monitoring and automation equipment need to be connected by cables. Wireless solutions that eliminate the expensive cabling for supporting building monitoring and infrastructure energy management are still in an early market stage.
Broadband Wireless Internet Access
Applicable Areas
Over more than the past decade, there have been persistent efforts to realize anywhere-anytime broadband wireless Internet access.
Real-time Monitoring in Healthcare
Applicable Areas
Real-time location systems for patient, staff and equipment are on the threshold of becoming a key IT investment in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In some systems, real-time location is augmented by patient vital sign information allowing the medical staff to be more efficient and provide a higher level of care.
Emergency Wireless Networking
Applicable Areas
Emergency wireless networking presents a set of civic/military applications where the network infrastructure cannot be pre-planned due to time or other limitations. Examples exist in battlefields, public safety, and earthquake/tsunami relief among others.
Mobile Social Networking
Applicable Areas
Social Networking connects people to everyone and everything of interests. A social experience that helps you discover what’s going on with your world and helps the world discover what’s going on with you.