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Application of Mobile Social Networking

Social Networking connects people to everyone and everything of interests. You discover what’s going on with your world and helps the world discover what’s going on with you!

Successful social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Delicious, Flickr, Google+, Myspace, are also known as Web 2.0. Now with the emergence of smart phones, social networking is moving to mobile platforms (Social Networking on Mobile). More and more people are updating their social networking websites, for example Facebook from their smart phones anywhere, anytime. The shared content can be coming from the real world beyond the cyber world, e.g., from the (video) cameras of smart phones.

This can be just a very beginning of the changes! True Mobile Social Networking will also be the convergence of the Internet cyber world and the real world. In a nutshell, it will help you to discover what’s going on with both your Internet world and the physical real-world around you, and vice versa!

Content Source Whom to Share
Social Networking on Web Usually the cyber world The cyber world
Social Networking on Mobile Both the cyber world and the real world The cyber world
Mobile Social Networking Both the cyber world and the real world Both the cyber world and the real world

With the popularity of smart phones, everybody is a creator, or more “technically” a real-time digital content provider. Smart phones are virtually “mini-servers” of personalized contents from both the real world and the cyber world. Internet search engines such as Google have set forth a “standard” way to publish and search information in the cyber world. For mobile social networking, it will be: how to publish and search information in both the real world and the cyber world?

Social networking is all about people! A mass collaboration of people needs virtually free in communications, and creates a great volume of data and multimedia. This required bandwidth is limiting the wireless carriers’ acceptance of smart-phone apps with social networking, since traditional cellular infrastructure such as 3G/LTE/WiMAX has been very expensive to build, and have very limited bandwidth. New and smart infrastructures are required for mobile social networking!

The OPM networking can eventually resolve the dilemmas in creating a real-time ad hoc wireless network among local smart-phone users, off-loading the large volume of social networking traffics from the carriers’ 3G/4G access infrastructures. More details…

Mobile social networking