OPM15 Mesh Radio – shipping in volume
The product has been deployed in applications including real-time location networks, emergency networks, and wireless sensor networks. The radio is based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard to realize OPM (Opportunistic Mesh) dynamic networking with multi-frequency. OPM dynamically establishes wireless networks without the need for predetermined topology or spectrum allocation, greatly simplifying deployment. Reliable and real-time (multi-hop) wireless communications can be achieved in large-scale wireless networks, regardless of dynamic networking environment. Network performance also increases with the network scale (density and the number of stations). It has been proven to achieve 5-10 times higher bandwidth than state-of-the-art technologies in multi-hop and/or interference intensive environments.This product is offered as a module component (FCC/IC compliant). Major advantages include:

1) dynamic drop-and-play with m-sec setup time;
2) reliable real-time communications over unlimited number of wireless hops;
3) adaptable to strong interferences, mobility and rapid changes in harsh networking.
4) low power consumption and small footprint;
5) compatible with current wireless networking standards;

Open Source application HW/SW reference designs and simplified API tools are available off-the-shelf to facilitate customer applications.

Order Part#: OPM15-E0, OPM15-E1

OPM15 Mesh Radio

Single Hop Range Up to 1000m (outdoor 14dBi antenna); and 200m (indoor with 3dBi Antenna)
Communication Protocol OPM dynamic networking with multi-frequency (broadcast, unicast, data aggregation)
Switching Latency <15ms
Communication Bandwidth 250kbps (Application throughput up to: ~100kbps)
Communication Latency <12ms/hop
Communication Jitter Decreases to zero with larger network scale
Frequency Band 2.4GHz
Transmission Power 0.1-3mW
Power Consumption (Sleep) 4uW
Power Consumption (Work) 60mW
Receiver Sensitivity -94dBm
Physical Size 12mm X 14.25mm X 2.25mm
Applications Sensor/Location and Emergency Network; Supporting Data, Audio, Image; Long Battery (over one year) Life.
Download Documents

OPM15 Software API Guide
OPM15 Simplified API Programmers Guide
OPM15-E Radio (Low Power Version) Product Brochure
OPM15-E Radio (Low Power Version) Hardware Datasheet
OPM15-E Carrier Board Manual
OPM15 Application Note: Antenna Configuration
OPM15 Application Note: Address Configuration
OPM15 Application Note: Location Tracking
OPM15-E Application Note: Soldering