OPM11 Mesh Radio – accepting preorders
The product can provide standard WiFi broadband access beyond the wireless mesh station. The radio is based on IEEE 802.11 standard to realize OPM (Opportunistic Mesh) dynamic networking with multi-frequency (or large-scale cognitive networking). OPM dynamically establishes wireless networks without the need for predetermined topology or spectrum allocation, greatly simplifying deployment. Reliable and real-time (multi-hop) wireless communications can be achieved in large-scale wireless networks, regardless of dynamic networking environment. Network performance also increases with the network scale (density and the number of stations). It has been proven to achieve 5-10 times higher bandwidth than state-of-the-art technologies in multi-hop and/or interference intensive environments.

The product is offered in either a packed radio system or an OEM module (FCC/IC Compliant). Major advantages include:

1) dynamic drop-and-play with m-sec setup time;
2) reliable real-time communications multiple wireless hops;
3) adaptable to interference, mobility and rapid changes in harsh networking;
4) low power consumption and small footprint;
5) compatible with current wireless networking standards.

OPM11 Mesh Radio

Single Hop Range up to 1200m (outdoor) with 9dBi antenna; and 200m (indoor)
Communication Protocol OPM dynamic networking with multi-frequency
(broadcast, unicast, data aggregation)
Switching Latency <10ms
Communication Bandwidth 54Mbps (Application throughput: ~20Mbps/Radio)
Communication Latency <5ms/hop
Communication Jitter Decreases to zero with larger network scale
Frequency Band 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz
Transmission Power 100-200mW/Radio
Power Consumption (Idle) ~500mW/Radio
Power Consumption (Work) ~2.5W/Radio
Receiver Sensitivity -70dBm
Physical Size ~ 210mm X170mm X55mm (System)
~ 50mm X 45mm X 5mm (Module)
Applications Wireless Internet, Video Surveillance, Emergency Network; Supporting
Broadband Data, High-quality Multimedia/Video