2.4GHz radio for Low-cost Low-power Smart Sensor Networks
2.4GHz & 5.8GHz radio for Broadband Wireless Networks

Real Time Localization / Tracking

Accurate in locations where GPS is unavailable, to provide context aware information: indoors and special environments.

Broadband Wireless Internet Access

The world’s most cost-effective large broadband wireless to off-load data traffic from 3G cellular networks.

Smart Energy Management

Real-time monitoring of electrical systems to save the world energy.

Real-time Monitoring in Healthcare

Real-time location and monitoring systems for patient, staff and equipment in healthcare facilities for the highest level of care.

Mobile Social Networking

Instant wireless connections among smart phones to share your world of next generation wireless Internet.

Emergency Wireless Network

Reliable ad hoc wireless communications among mobile terminals to create an infrastructure instantaneously.

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