Application of Real Time Localization/Tracking

The most popular solution for localization and tracking is GPS (Global Position System), or products based on GPS; other solutions also include CellID. However, in many indoor and specialized environments, such as shopping malls, mining tunnels, concrete buildings, both GPS and CellID cannot work, since radio signals from satellite or external base stations do not penetrate those locations.

Therefore, localization and tracking in indoor and specialized environment has caused problems for field operators and context/location aware applications. OMESH’s solution can address these issues, and provide reliable, real-time location services. It possesses the advantages of 1) convenience 2) reliability 3) real-time 4) high capacity reliable communications, in following areas:

  • Commercial and industrial building
  • Hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Closed-pit mines
  • Municipal underground pipes
  • Accident search scenarios
  • Large warehouses (including cold storage)
  • Large shopping malls (management of shopping route)
  • Large exhibition halls